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Baby Wipes and Vaseline, Oh My!

There are some incredible makeup removal products on the market that will allow you to take the day away in no time. But I have realized that getting the latest products to remove my makeup is not also feasible so I did some research and found that baby wipes and vaseline are the business! 
I always have vaseline in my stash of beauty products to moisture my skin but is very effective in dissolving all types of makeup, waterproof or non-waterproof. It is soothing using vaseline to massage and lift the makeup from your skin and don't forget, it is moisturizing which we all need no matter your skin type.

And of course, once you have applied and dissolved your makeup with the vaseline, using baby wipes to take it away is the best because it removes the heaviness from the vaseline and makeup combination, leaving your skin feeling fresh, clean, and irritate free! You can always use a gentle facial soap afterward to really feel comfortable especially if you use a toner like I do to tigh…
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How to Effectively Take the Shine Away

Everyone wants a fresh looking face while wearing their favorite foundation. Because of the differences in our skin and how foundation reacts to it, some of us need more touch-ups throughout the day than others. If you have combination to oily skin, you already know how "evil" our face oils can be and how they can wreck havoc to our perfectly beat face.

I must admit, when I was much, much younger, I received the wrong advice when it came to my breakout shine on my face. I was told to just throw powder on top to take it away! Ewww! I would do this and I would either cake up badly or have dark, wet marks throughout my foundation!!! No, no, no!

As I got older, I discovered that this advice was completely wrong (obviously) and how to create the matte look, the fresh makeup look, that I desired.

It's simple: Take a kleenex (if you have it or just use a paper towel), cover my face with the napkin and PRESS the oil away! Allow the oils that are on your face be absorbed complet…

Working Out and Wearing Makeup...Should You?

In May of 2016, I decided that I wanted to sign up for a gym membership and get my body tight and right. I went as far as getting a personal trainer as well. When the day came for me to start this new program, I made sure that I not only wore cute yet moisture wicking material, but I definitely had my makeup on. I refused to go to the gym with a bare face displaying all my imperfections! No ma'am and no sir!

Being that my personal trainer knew me personally, he was not having it at all! He read me up and down, "Ain't nobody lookin' at your ass!" "Your face is going to melt!" "Take all that makeup off before I wipe it off!" "Your skin is going to get worse!"

I initially ignored him for about a week. I had to admit. Working out and sweating was causing me to look a damn mess! LOL! I cannot explain the streaks that were on my face along with the makeup discoloration! It was horrible! My trainer just laughed at me but he did give me the…

Why Do Makeup Artists Charge So Much? Part 2

Hey Loves!

I had to do a Part 2 to this discussion as my mind continued to race about the concern that potential clients have about the rates set by makeup artists globally.

Supplies. Supplies. Supplies!!! Every time we are booked for events, it costs us before it is a cost to the client(s). Our stock and time consist of replenishing cleaning supplies, disposable tools, the possible replacement of makeup brushes and sponges, the replacement of the makeup itself, are all taken into account when fees are set by a makeup artist.

Fees are also set according to the demographic that one is serving (this is true in most cases because of the demand or the technique that is required by the makeup artist in particular areas geographically).

Being a makeup artist is not cheap as we are always adding to our kits to meet the needs of all people due to skin types, trends, and overall preferences.

Remember, in most cases, you get what you pay for and it's usually the best!

Love & Lights,


Your Makeup Has an Expiration Date (Pay Attention to It)

Throw it out! Yes! I know it's your favorite color, product, almost your best friend, but all of your makeup products have an expiration date on them.

Some products are only to be kept for 3 months while others 24 to 36 months once you have opened the product. Once your product is introduced to air and your face, the clock begins to tick on how long that product should stay in your possession.

To check for the expiration date of your product, look at the back or bottom of your product with all the small print. Look towards the very bottom, and in most cases, you will see a number/symbol like this: 3M, 6M, or 36M. When you see a combination of this sort, it is simply stating that the lasting power or "safe" usage of this product once opened will last for 3 months, etc.

Remember, our faces are sensitive and once a product reaches its expiration date, buy the replacement to avoid infections. A good rule that I apply for myself and to help protect my clients is marking the …

If You're Not Using It, Don't Give It To Clients

Hey Loves!

I love my makeup collection, and it is quite extensive! But I have noticed with working with other makeup artists is that there is a stash of makeup that they have that is not of quality to use on anyone, but they will use it on their clients and save the high in products for themselves.

I guess I can see why this happens. However, if you are setting fair rates for services and are promoting yourself to be one of the best in the industry, it is not fair to use cheap products on clients because you want to save even more money. This is especially true when you know the products don't have the payoff or lasting power as top brands. If you set your rates according to the products that you use, you will not feel the need to go cheap on your clients. Yes, I know that there are some inexpensive products that are just as good as the high-end products, but if you want to keep and attract a particular customer, you must not go so cheap on them as if they are not worth the produ…

Dirty Hair Leads to Irritated Skin

Hey Loves!

We cannot be lazy when it comes to our skin and furthermore, we cannot be lazy when it comes to keeping our hair clean. If you use lots of products in your hair, some of the products will build up not only in your hair but will also make its way into the pores of your skin and mix well into your makeup products on your face. To avoid breakouts that will make your beautiful skin irritated and your makeup not as smooth as you want it, make sure that your hair is clean and not filled with heavy products that can ease into your makeup and pores. Clean hair definitely aids in making sure that your face is at least not affected by the products we use in our hair.

Love and Light,